Kangaroo mother care plus doula equals  KangaroulaSM .


This photo shows exactly why I love to do what I do:

The magic of the open eyes connecting with Mum, the first bonding. The baby is calm and peaceful, wide-awake and brain wiring for emotional security.

As KangaroulaSM  I am shielding his eyes from bright lights, keeping him in skin to skin contact on Mum’s chest, supporting his head, facilitating the connection to mum, trying to keep this special time uninterrupted for early breastfeeding, and asking nurses to keep noise levels low.

I am also watching a quiet miracle of a lovely lady become a mother, and a special couple becoming a family. What an awe- filled and incredible privilege to share this wonderful time with  parents!

 What is  KangaroulaSM  ?

KangaroulaSM provides birth companion services which advocate for the baby, speaking for the tiny baby that has no voice and needs to cry to get across the message that he is expecting his basic biological needs to be met.

KangaroulaSM  provides care focused on the needs of the newborn baby and his/her brain in the first hours of life. It is based on the most recent findings from developmental neuroscience. KangaroulaSM  also helps to make the change from life inside mum into the open world as smooth as possible for the newborn baby. This helps early parenting start well.

The doula supports the mother through the labour to birth. The “kangaroula” (kangaroo + doula) supports the baby and mother dyad from birth to bonding.

This is done by:Skin to skin contact support in full term birth, in labour ward or in theatre for Caesarean section,


  • facilitating birth skin to skin contact to help the baby to stabilise as quickly as possible physically and emotionally
  • helping to keep mum and baby together and to minimise separation which causes huge anxiety for both mum and baby
  • helping to make the birth environment as gentle as possible to minimise stress for the baby
  • speaking for the baby best benefits, explaining the natural biology of birth for the mum
  • helping the baby to be in the right place to latch and feed-in the first 60-90 minutes- wherever possible.
  • helping and encouraging and informing mums with early breastfeeding
  • encouraging the dad to hold his baby skin to skin to have time to bond.
  • supporting mum and baby to have time and a safe space to bond which leads to attachment and helps  build a healthy relationship with your child.
  • informing parents of the best options from the BABY’S perspective


  • small, frequent breastfeeds and feeding on demand.
  • safe co-sleeping.
  • mum to read her baby’s small stress signals and sleep states
  • and support mum and baby at a home visit in the first few days.


  • Parents to do skin to skin contact as much as possible.
  • mum  to express  breast milk and breastfeed her tiny baby as early as possible.
  • Parents and staff in the NICU  with developmental care to minimise baby’s stress
  • parents  with counselling as they struggle with their emotions of their baby’s premature bith
  •  NICU staff with evidence-based practice

More information on premature newborn care: www.kangaroomothercare.com

and also in the book – Hold Your Prem – with accompanying DVD


Doula support for breastfeeding

Kangaroula support for breastfeeding

Doula Caesarean with twins, 40 minutes old

Kangaroula support after Caesarean for twins

Kangaroula support in the first hour

Kangaroula support in the first hour