UNICEF UK arranged a first ever breastfeeding conference focused on “Parents’ Experiences of Neonatal Units”. I was invited to speak along with Dr Shoo Lee, the originator of “Family Intergrated Care Model” for NICU care in Canada; and Dr Paula Meier, world expert and researcher on human milk feeding in the NICU. It was a.. read more →

MYTH  “Preterm babies must be stable before they can start skin-to-skin contact” FACT – It is the absence of skin-to-skin contact that makes the baby unstable. This statement of fact is to me the most pressing and urgent issue in newborn care in this time. It applies of course to every newborn baby: it is.. read more →

Last week Jill was doula at a birth of a baby born too soon, 29 weeks gestation (should be 40). Sadly, the awareness of Kangaroo Care was totally absent in that hospital. The parents were not allowed even to touch their baby, and they were actively discouraged from being present. The resulting hours and days.. read more →

MYTH “Bed sharing and co-sleeping is dangerous” Last week I was forwarded an alert with the news that “Dr Bergman says Bed-Sharing is not dangerous” “Interesting, did I really” I thought … but the actual website reads “Original SIDS Researcher says Baby Bed-Sharing is Not Dangerous”. This is Dr Abraham Bergman, and this Dr Bergman.. read more →

16 Apr 2015
April 16, 2015

Jill and Nils in Sweden.

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From Spain we flew to Sweden, where sadly three of our engagements were cancelled. This did mean we could spend more time with Nils family, which was a bonus.       It was special to have time with Nils’ family in Uppsala. At the end of the week he took the fast train to.. read more →