The Neuroscience of Birth – and the Case for Zero Separation The greatest myth of all…  “Mothers and babies should be cared for separately.” “Mothers need their rest, babies need their observations. They also need to learn to be strong and independent”. Zero Separation means exactly what it says. The neuroscience of Birth is totally.. read more →

“Baby should sleep through the night”. Not true. Newborn babies should NOT be sleeping through the night. Some basic science to the rescue. It is sleep cycles that wire the brain, that leads to healthy development and learning. A sleep cycle is about one hour, and whether it is the fetus in the womb, newborn,.. read more →

Almost all mothers seem to be advised: “Your baby should feed every 3 hours, preferably 4 hourly” Health professionals provide all sorts of reasons in support of this statement but not a single one of them is based on a scrap of evidence. Not a single one can be supported by any science, nor by.. read more →

12 Feb 2015
February 12, 2015

A Doula’s Advice for New Parents

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There seem to be a lot of mothers on blog sites struggling with exhaustion and trying to get little ones to sleep. As a mother of three (even though it was a while ago!), I remember well my body feeling like lead from lack of sleep and my brain feeling numb from exhaustion and everything.. read more →

10 Feb 2015
February 10, 2015

Mythbuster 3: Early bottle with formula

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Many midwives and neonatal nurses are eager to feed newborn babies, and seem to think a bottle formula is the perfect solution. “Don’t worry, it is only one bottle” You are right to worry: one bottle of a single formula feed  is enough to cause harm! The baby is born with a sterile gut. She.. read more →