03 Feb 2015
February 3, 2015

Mythbuster: breastfeeding and bottles

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“Breastfeeding is stressful for newborns, and even more  for preterms”. “Give the baby a bottle, it is a much safer way to feed.” There is good clinical evidence that bottle feeding is harmful in low birth weight babies. Breastfeeding is regulating, not stressful. And yet: hospitals in our country (and all over the world) persist.. read more →

Here is a film of a water birth at home that I was doula for  last week. It shows the wonder, dignity and peacefulness of birth  I  encourage you to share it with friends and show young people  how gentle birth can be. Watch the video here > For me personally the best part was.. read more →

I was thinking of this year and one of my best highlights are the births that I have supported and the wonderful couples with which to have the privilege to share their birth journey… So I include my translation of a wonderful Swedish Christmas carol from Carolla to think of when breastfeeding (or trying to get.. read more →

At a birth recently a mother was being separated from her newborn, and not for any real good reason, she was totally distraught and expressed her distress. She was told: “It is only for two days, then you will have her with you for the rest of your life.” It is not the first time.. read more →

Last week Jill and I attended the 10th International Network or KMC in Rwanda. But this was also an opportunity to visit the gorillas in the Virunga mountains which form the borders of DRC, Uganda and Rwanda. We hiked for five hours before finding them in an open clearing, feeding peacefully. It was an awesome.. read more →