16 Apr 2015
April 16, 2015

Nils and Jill in the USA (3)

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All trips have highlights, but afterwards there is also a longlasting glow of happy memories of meeting wonderful people, sharing a passion for making a difference to mothers and babies. This post comes with an inadequate selection of photos, and our sincereĀ  thanks to everybody that made our trip amazing. I am sure we posed for lots of pictures, not many been sent to us yet šŸ™‚


Very cold in Cleveland, but


very Warm welcome from Susie Ludington


Kentucky – here with Denise and Shauna



Nikki Rogers is the OLCA member of the year, and our private chauffeur !

DSCN7090 DSCN7087










Denny and Linda Smith in Dayton


Nils and Allan Chamberlain, Charleston VW.


West Virginia Breatsfeeding Association members, some of them!