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Kangaroo Mother Care DVD I & II

These two films were originally made in VHS, they are now available together on a single DVD. Though they were made in 2000 and 2001, they are as relevant then as they are now.

Hold Your Prem - Workbook for Parents

This is a practical workbook, for parents confronted (usually suddenly!) by a premature newborn. It gives key information needed to understand the prem and the NICU (the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). It describes practical steps and tasks that help parents be central in the team that is helping their prem. This book is a tool to encourage and empower.

Hold Your Prem - The Film on DVD

The film is 29 minutes, and emphasizes the importance of early skin-to-skin contact. It encourages parents to face their emotions, in order to cope better and provide care for their preterm baby. It demonstrates breastfeeding prems, and encourages early initiation. It explains some basic neuroscience in relation to prematurity, the importance of sleep, and avoiding stress. It gives parents practical ways to help their prem develop properly.

This illustrates and adds to the book by the same name.


Your KangaCarrier will enable you to do this safely by stabilising the baby's airway.

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All you need for a premature baby.

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